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How do I apply?

To avoid looking like a beach snow man and get an even application, apply to palms and rub together to create warmth. Pat onto skin rather than rubbing in! Trust us, this method works wonders and does not stain!

Sixty Islands Mineral Sunscreen

With zinc oxide as our active ingredient, it is proven to be safe and effective for sun protection

Kid Friendly

Kids have thinner, more absorbent skin, which is why Dr. Engelman (and many of her peers) recommends a physical formula (which sits on top of skin to deflect UV rays) over a chemical one (which is absorbed into the skin) to be extra safe.

Good for your skin?

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the only two mineral sunscreens on the market, and they're also the only sunscreen actives considered safe and effective by the FDA.

Reef Safe

Mineral sunscreens with “non-nanotized” zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (“non-nanotized” means the ingredients are 100 nanometers in diameter or more) appear to be safer for coral reefs than chemical ones, according to the National Park Service.

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